Homemade Gift for My Husband

I spotted this super cute little wall art/sign at an antique store in Asheville over the summer. I knew I wanted to try to make one for my husband, because I’m not paying $55 for it!


12” x 24” Art Canvas (40% off at Hobby Lobby: $7.99)
2 packs of Scrap booking Sticker Letters ($5 ea)
Elmer’s Spray Adhesive Glue (on hand)
Spray Paint (on hand)

1. First, determine what you are going to say and how many lines. Mine was going to be 19 lines, so 24/19 = ~1.25

Each line needed to be about 1.25”, so I marked it off to give me a grid for placing my letters:
2. Lightly spray the entire canvas with the spray adhesive to help the letters stick.

3. Start placing your letters:
You will use a lot of letters that make “You are the” and “to my”… that’s why you need 2 packs.

4. Keep going until the entire canvas is equally filled:
The second pack of letters were white… which is why you can’t see them.

5. Spray the paint the entire canvas.

6. Let dry overnight. Then peel off the letters. That’s it!


Not bad for $17 compared to $55!

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