Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Next Project: Master Bathroom

Yep, I changed it up again. I have a tendency to move everything around in my house constantly. I’m always restyling my book shelves, moving a table from one room to the other, shifting the position of a chair, lamp, painting…

So if I do it in my house, why not on my blog? If you're seeing my blog through a reader, check out my new design HERE

I had a wonderful Valentines Day but I forgot my camera at home, so I can’t show you the pictures. My sweet husband made me dinner, which was the first time since our 3rd date. So that was very special.

I’m almost finished with the Master Bedroom (I have to make a curtain, throw pillows and paint the crown). I’m hoping to finish all of that by next week. Yay!

In the meantime, I’m starting to plan the Master Bathroom. This post is going to drive my husband CRAZY. He’s a firm believer in completely finishing one project before working on the next. That’s kinda hard for me… actually, I don't really try at all, but I just try not to talk about it too much.

Honestly, the bathroom is already pretty great and I can’t complain. It’s one of the few rooms that the previous owners really fixed up. We think there was a leak massive flood at some point that forced the renovation.

Here’s how it looks now:
Master bath 6 Before
I HATE those light fixtures. Seriously, I can’t stand them. On the other hand, all the expensive stuff is all staying… great tile work, tub, shower, fixtures. What I don’t like is:
  • Paint color
  • Color of the vanities (up close it’s kind of red)
  • Light fixtures
Master bath 1 Before
I’m going for a very light and airy room in here.

My idea for this room is to take the color scheme of the Master Bedroom and flip it. So, paint the walls and trim Benjamin Moore’s Linen White and paint the ceiling and the vanities pale blue. What do you think? I’m so nervous about painting the vanities.

Master Bath 3 Before
See that tile work? That took some serious time.

So here’s the Project List:
  1. Install crown molding
  2. Paint the room and trim in off white
  3. Paint the ceiling pale blue
  4. Paint the vanities pale blue
  5. Add hardware to the vanities
  6. Replace light fixtures
  7. Hang chandelier
  8. Fog the window (get your mind out of the gutter… I mean with the spray paint)
For the lighting in the room, I bought 2 old light fixtures from our Habitat ReStore for $4.80 each. I’m going to fix them up. I also have a chandelier from our old house that will be perfect hanging over the tub. I’m so excited about that.

The one thing I’m wondering about is do I pull the stencil from the bedroom onto the walls in here? Is that stencil over kill? If I do use the stencil, do I do it white on white or do I do blue on white? What’s your vote?


  1. I'm equally nervous about you painting the vanities blue. But maybe I just don't know how it is supposed to look - I'm sure you have some sort of visual inspiration. The stencil may be overkill, but is it something you could do after you finish and see if it's something you want to add or not? I feel like SOMETHING should happen over the tub - but maybe the chandelier will be a good something. You're so good at this.

  2. i love the new design on the blog- so springy and happy!
    and i cant' wait to see the bathroom complete! you know i think the vanities will look fabulous!!!

  3. I'm with Elaine on the vanities. I painted the ceiling of our living room once with the palest of blues...just a hint and it changed the entire look of the room. I love the idea of the white trim and walls and the chandy over the tub. I believe the stencil might be overkill in the bathroom and take away from the gorgeous tile. Maybe paint the vanities in a contrasting white shade or a taupe color? Heck, I don't know. I'm sure your vision will work out just fine whatever you decide.

  4. I love your vision! Are you planning on doing the ceiling and vanities the SAME blue? I can sort of picture them in a darker navy/inky blue with a nice light blue ceiling - but that might be getting too nautical. Of course it's your house and you should do whatever makes you happy - that's just me thinking out loud!

    LOVE your new vlog design.

    PS. While I love the idea of a chandelier in a bathroom, check electrical code in your area...generally lights directly above a tub (the exception being those designed specifically for that purpose) are a big no no.

  5. Don't you love this stage of the decorating process? So many "what if"s. Fun "what if"s, though. You're so lucky to have two sinks--I want to get a double vanity when we redo our master bath!

  6. I'm not nervous about those vanities, I'm sure they'll look amazing! We're going to the restore today in search of light fixtures. I hope we have as much luck as you did!

  7. I think your plan sounds fantastic and I think you'll be really happy with the painted vanities. If blue is what is making you nervous a pale gray might be a little "safer". In any case, I'm really excited to see the finished results.

  8. OOOO! I love the new bloggy! Especially the cutie patootie new profile pic (c; And you are one driven woman! That's all I can say! I'm constantly impressed by all the stuff you want to tackle!

  9. A girl after my own heart. Why finish a project when you can use that time to dream up 100 more??

    I don't think you will regret painting the vanities. Your plan sounds awesome.

    As for the stencil, I'd pass...only because stenciling is still to fresh in my mind and I wish that on no one!

  10. I like the blog redesign!

    Go with your vision - look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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