Friday, March 16, 2012

Columns are Up!

So, do you remember when I told you how we were going to install some columns over the weekend? No, you don’t remember? That was because it was FOREVER ago. I barely remember it. You can read all about it HERE

This was one of the projects that should be so easy… and yet, it wasn’t.

Here’s the BEFORE (aka… 2 months ago):

and here was the PLAN:

So John put up the Column Jack (picture metal bar where the Column should go). Just like a car, this lifts the roof so that you can slip the column in and then take the bar out.

Only… our column didn’t go in and our bar didn’t come out…. for 4 weeks. Yep, we’re THOSE neighbors. Ya know, the ones with Barca Loungers and metal poles holding up their front porch.

Eventually, the columns were installed and we took the bar out. They were bare wood, so I set to painting them. Have I mentioned that I have very poor balance? Really, really bad.

As I was painting the column on the right, I slipped off the porch. So I reach out for the freshly painted column for support…

This is one of those slow motion moments when you can have lots of thoughts all at once… like:
“Huh, that column isn’t actually attached…"
"I’m definitely about to fall off this porch…"
"I wonder if anyone is driving by right now… THAT would be embarrassing."
"This could hurt…"
"Why is the column coming with me?"
"Umph" (me hitting the ground) "Umph" (column landing on me)
Unfortunately for you, I did not get a picture of this. Fortunately for me, I did not get a picture of this. But you can probably get the general idea.

So then we had to get the columns reinstalled… and then John took over the painting.

I do need to give a big THANK YOU to my grandmother, E-moma. She was very concerned that our roof was going to fall down so she offered to pay for the columns. She’s wonderful like that and has completely spoiled me my entire life. I’m not complaining Smile

On a completely unrelated note, my Mom’s Birthday is tomorrow.
Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone else! Any big, green plans over the weekend?


  1. Looks great! I know it was crazy hard work, but it makes a huge difference. :)

  2. ooooh those columns are lovely! And I'm glad you're okay.

  3. looking good...looking good! And you are right...I didn't remember cause it was soooo long ago. I was probably like...3 year old when you last mentioned it? Just kidding. Thanks for linking to Stinky Linky!

  4. Ouch! Hope you were okay. I think the columns make SUUUUCH a huge difference! They look AMAZING!

  5. Your house looks great. I love and am very partial to columns. Hope you're fine, my goodness. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You are one lucky girl! You could have really hurt yourself! I'm glad you are okay. As you age you have an appreciation for "falls". Just the other day I was standing on some uneven ground and found myself starting to go backwards. I caught myself but it was not without retching my knee. Now when I walk my knee is popping and it has kept me from the gym for two days (which to say isn't bad LOL)

    Your columns look fantastic and you have a wonderful e-moma! Happy birthday to your mom!

  7. It looks fantastic! It's exactly how the house should have been made. It adds character! Love it!

  8. they look great, hope you didn't get hurt!

  9. I am always looking at houses for sale online and most of them could use a front porch or columns of some kind! I love your new additions! You have a beautiful home. following you now : )

    Caroline @ Double the Decor

  10. They look so good! Definitely dresses up the porch more! I would have totally freaked out if I started falling and the column was falling with me...glad you lived to tell about it. :)

  11. Love the columns! I hope you didn't injure yourself (that sounds like something I would do).

  12. Wow, they look great, and look original to the house! Sorry you went through such troubles getting them up :(

  13. Totally worth almost maiming yourself, I must say. They look super!

  14. Love it. What a difference. And don't worry about the neighbors, the end result is all that counts. Thanks for sharing, liz

  15. featured this on the STinky Linky party tonight!


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