Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Decorating

I love Spring. It’s my second favorite season behind Fall… but it’s a really, really close second! One thing that Spring has that Fall doesn’t is Easter. Easter is my favorite holiday.

On top of cute bunnies and eggs and flowers and prettiness, it’s the celebration of the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, which is Christ’s death and his triumph over it. I know, I know… I said the greatest gift was the Lightscoop, but actually, it was Salvation.

Over the weekend, I put out some Easter decorations though not too many. There’s something about Spring that makes me want to get rid of clutter and keep the décor to a minimum.

For the mantle, I took away a lot of the clutter and just added the pink and white dogwood branches, a ceramic rabbit and some spring colored books.

The branches are fake, but this that window to the right is the only window in the room. That means, real flowers and plants don’t like my house. At least I’m going to blame it on the house… not my amazing ability to kill things… by things, I mean plants. I can generally keep animals alive…

Um, mostly.

Let’s act like I didn’t just show you a picture of my unmade bed covered in dirty clothes, ok?

Back to Easter…

My Mom found this guy at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago for $10. I LOVE him. He’s hanging on the wall when you walk into the Family Room.

We’ve always had an Easter tree at our house. I didn’t' know until recently that this isn’t common, but I have one and I it makes me think of Easters growing up.

Seriously, how old do I sound? "Back in the good ole days..."

What about you? Do you do a lot of Easter or Spring decorating at your house?


  1. Love the decor, friend! The Pugh family always had an easter tree too. Therefore, I will continue the tradition. :)

  2. I wasn't in an Easter mood yet, but now I'm feeling like heading towards the basement for Easter supplies!

  3. Love the picture your mom picked up and also the rabbit on the mantle!

  4. I'm pretty lame when it comes to decorating the house for holidays. Other than Christmas anyway. Although this year we are hosting Easter dinner, so maybe it is time to step it up :)
    The bunny from your mom is really cute.

  5. your white bunny is adorable and looks so perfect up there! love it!

  6. I pretty much just love any excuse to decorate and look at pinterest (c: How's that for honesty! And I was laughing about your first two paragraphs and actually read them to my husband because he wanted to know what was so funny (c:

  7. I love the "dead dog" on the bed. That is my house every day ;)
    Cute easter ideas! I've never decorated for Easter, maybe I should this year.

  8. You're making me want to do the spring decorating thing! I love that white bunny on your mantle and your "easter tree" - that's new to me!

  9. I am enjoying your blog! We don't do any Easter decorating until Holy Saturday, in order to fully experience Lent. On Holy Saturday, I put my stuffed bunnies around, put out our collection of Russian wooden eggs, and we always have daffodils and pussy willows in vases. We put a white cloth around our big icon to replace the purple one. And I put a springy table cloth on the side table to brighten things up!


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