Monday, April 09, 2012

Bragging on My Husband

Whew! That was the busiest, but wonderful weekend. I hosted Easter and it was so fun. How was your Easter?

While I was frantically getting the house ready for Sunday, my hubby was surprising me with two unexpected but super thoughtful gifts.

Last week, I realized that I only had 11 accent plates for my china, not 12. Not sure how I never noticed it before, but since I’ve only ever needed 8, that’s probably why.

So I ran to Bed Bath and Beyond and they were out of stock… so was Belks. Ugh.

On Saturday, my sweet husband decided to find it himself and surprise me with it because he knew that I really wanted it for my Easter table. He called all the department stores in a 30 mile radius, found it, ran out and bought it and surprised me.
How sweet is that?

Meanwhile, he was deep in another project for me. I had been wanting him to hang a chandelier in our bathroom.

Master bath 1 Before
I bought it for $100 before we were even married. We used it in our small dining room in the last house, but it’s been in the attic since then. I knew it would be the perfect size for over the tub.

Yes, I know that there are codes about lights and tubs… and I’ll probably have to take it down before we move, but I’m ok with that.

He couldn’t finish the installation because he needed some longer screws. As he ran out the door, he says
Try not to touch the chandelier.
It’s a bit precarious.
I honestly didn’t think anything of it… until I walked up there an saw this:


No, I did not stage this picture. I don’t think I could if I wanted to. Let’s just break this down a bit:

DSCF2922 edited
We have wires connected to the ceiling, connected to the light, balanced on a step stool, that sitting on the edge of a the tub, which is not touching the ground.

It kind of reminded me of this:
41LDzVo6D L._SL500_AA300_

Thankfully, it all worked out and now have this:
Like the crown in here, it’s an immediate upgrade to the bathroom. I’m going to replace the bulbs with lower wattage and we may install a dimmer on it. Next up is paint! Hopefully I'll get this room done in May!


  1. oh my gosh i love your husband. for finding you the dishes, and for that set up!!! haha!!! he and my husband would get along.

  2. What a sweet hubby! Way to brag on him today, not enough wives do that. The chandy looks great, it was a little crazy before he put it up, that made me laugh.

  3. So cute! I love those little husbandy surprises they pull! And I love the chandelier--I've been on the hunt for one for my bathroom.

  4. What a difference that made! I had purchased a lovely chandelier several years ago to place in a new house that we were building...over my kitchen table. I loved it. When we moved, I left it for the new owners as we did not have a replacement for it and hadn't ask for a light for over the table in our lighting allowance when we ordered lights. It sure looks beautiful!

  5. Way to go Mr. Mars! I love a chandelier in the bathroom and yours looks great!

  6. LOL at Mr. Mars precarious situation. Hilarious!
    Glad you took a picture.

  7. Awww...that's so sweet of him! Precious Hubby! As for the chandelier....cracking me up! We've had so many of those moments, too! LOL! It all makes perfect sense at the time.

    That chandelier is so made for that spot! I love it to pieces!!! The bathroom already looks magazine ready, excited to see the paint!!! You two move through the house so quickly. I'm always impressed!

    XO, Aimee

  8. love it! and dimmers are the best invention, you should totally do it!

  9. First a big round of applause for your hubby being just about the sweetest guy around...and another round of applause for that *hilarious* picture (made more hilarious by his description of it!) Classic. Definitely a keeper (c:

  10. Awwwww. Hubby gets huge points for procuring china and mastering the chandelier. How did he ever think to balance the chandelier on a step stool that wasn't touching the ground???

  11. Aren't husbands the best (most of the time)? I love the chandelier. I know it's supposedly a no-no over the tub, but it looks so good, and really, that's all that matters-HA!

  12. what a sweety! i love the dishes, and the chandy looks great over the tub!

  13. Yay for amazing hubbies and wives who speak highly of them! The setup is hilarious and more than a bit "precarious." I have to show it to Andy later - he will totally appreciate it. :) (But please be careful! You are SO against code right now.) :)

    Love, the daughter of a home inspector

  14. I loved this post. This looks exactly like a project that would be taking place at our! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!


  15. Maury, this post is so hilarious!! And I can totally relate since I moved my kitchen light fixture into the dining room yesterday and halfway through realized I could not possibly hold the heavy fixture and screw the bolts into the ceiling and was screaming like a lunatic for someone, anyone, to come and hold the thing for me!!! Your bathroom is awesome already - so spacious and that tub!! - excited to see what you do with paint this month! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!


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