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Hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry for my absence over the past few days. I took a long weekend from blogging. I haven’t even read any blogs since Friday and I’m starting to go through withdrawl. My BlogLovin’ account is showing 106 new posts! That’s kinda overwhelming.

It’s week 3 of the Color My World Challenge and this week’s focus is Paint! If you’d like to catch up on the first two weeks of the challenge, click HERE and HERE.Color My World 2
If we were being graded on this challenge, I think I’d get a C. But it’s not for lack of trying! This week’s project was just one of those projects that refused to come together. I am finally on the right path, but not in time to get the project completed.

I’ll give a full tutorial later this week on this, but for now… this is how NOT to stripe your curtains:

  • Do NOT use craft paint by itself. I started with Martha Stewart craft paint, but it left the material VERY stiff (see the bottom of the left curtain).
  • Do NOT expect to get by with 4 bottles of craft paint. The total is closer to 15. The material drinks the paint.
  • Do NOT drive all over creation hitting every Michaels in a 30 mile radius to end up with only 4 extra bottles.
  • Do NOT order 10 bottles online unless you’re really committed to this method.
  • Do NOT order 10 bottles online from a company that will not cancel orders.

Now some tips on what to do:

  • Use spray paint.

Yep, that’s right. I spray painted the curtains. it was easier, faster, cheaper and better. The curtain is not nearly as stiff and hangs much more naturally.

For the curtain on the left, I applied 2 coats of craft paint, let it dry for 2 hours in between, hated the color, and then spray painted on top. The curtain on the left is spray painted.

Unfortunately, by the time I figured out that spray paint was the best option, I didn’t have time to finish the other window.

But I need your help. I can’t figure out how exactly to hang the curtains on this wall.
Option A: Curtains on both sides of the window. The one on the left will behind the bed and I’ll have to move the picture.
Option b: Curtain only on the right side of the window. No curtain behind the bed.
Option c: Rearrange furniture so that the bed is on this wall.

I usually like for the bed to be the focal point of a bedroom. If I rearranged the furniture that would probably not be the case.

Our deck’s pool painted by a pool service company, you can see them here Keep your feet cool & your pool deck protected with their top rated coatings.

Help! What do you think?

Next Tuesday is the final project week and we’ll be using fabric. I ordered mine last night and I’m freaking out that it wont come in on time!

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