Crafts of Christmas Past

I know… where have I been? I don’t know… time is getting away from me. Christmas is busy around our family and at work and I just haven’t had time to craft, blog, take pictures, etc. My goal for the month is not to stress myself out with that stuff. I just want to enjoy this month, so I’m probably only going to be posting about once/week until after the new year.

Plus, I’m feeling a little uninspired and most of my craftiness is going into the nursery anyway. So since about half of you weren’t around this time last year, I thought I’d show you some of the crafting I did last year and claim it for this year too. Plus when I started looking back, I did enough crafting last year for both years.

Vintage Ornament Wreath
Christmas Crafts

By far, my favorite is my Vintage Ornament Wreath that I made with my Mom. She has had one of these wreaths for years and it’s always been my favorite decoration of hers and now I have one at my house. Check out the tutorial HERE.

Ribbon Card Holder
Christmas Crafts

Next is the least crafty but definitely a fun decoration. I used $2 worth of ribbons, 3M strips and mini-cloths pins to display my Christmas cards. I love to display the Christmas cards we receive but I never had a great way to do it before and I don’t have the wall space for one of those huge holders. This is perfect and doesn’t take up much wall space.

Silver Pinecone Wreath

This is a “semi-homemade” craft. I bought a basic pinecone wreath at HomeDepot for $20, spray painted it silver and then coated it in glitter. I liked it so much that I left it up through Julylast year. #ChristmasinJuly I think I can get away with February since it’s very wintery, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a July decoration.

Christmas CraftsChristmas Crafts
This hangs in my powder room and I always have a candle lit in there. I love how it sparkles in the candlelight. Check out the tutorial HERE (even though I basically told you how to do it).

NOEL Pottery Barn Knock-Off
Christmas Crafts

This is a great decoration for a bookshelf or as “filler.” The only thing I wish I’d done differently is use chunkier letters and to put some kind of wooden piece on the back to act as a stand. I might add that this year. Maybe that can be my craftiness for the year? Pathetic, I know.

There you go! Hope you get a little inspiration out of my recycled Christmas crafts.

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