2013 Home Goals

So remember how I’ve been promising preggo pictures? Remember how I was going to take bi-weekly pictures of the entire pregnancy? Remember how I haven’t taken a picture of myself since week 17? Yeah, I remember that too. It was a nice goal. It didn’t happen.

These goals are not like that goal in that I actually intend to follow through on them.


This is top goal because there’s this looming deadline to have it finished. Technically, that deadline is February 18th. However, since I’d really rather not be hanging the curtains as I go into labor, I plan on having this finished by January 31st. The picture above is the BEFORE picture. it doesn’t look like this right now. It’s well on it’s way to being adorable. Here’s where we stand right now:

  • Remove painted wallpaper boarder and fix walls
  • Paint ceiling, walls, trim and closet doors
  • Add bookshelf, crib, dresser and glider
  • Reupholster ottoman
  • Add tree/branch/animal decals
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Hang curtains
  • Hang pictures
  • Make cross-stich sampler (this will make sense later, I promise)
2. Entryway/Upstairs Hallway

I don’t even have a picture of the entryway, but I really hate the color. Plus, I’m hoping to look under the nasty carpet and reveal beautiful hardwood treads… then I’ll wake up from my fantasy.

3. Living Room to Dining Room Transition

This is the second major goal of the year. I will be moving the Dining Room into the current Living Room:

It’s bigger, it’s brighter and it’s the first room you see in our house, so I don’t want it to be wasted space. We’re going to make the current dining room into a downstairs play/crafting area.

This will be a gradual project. First up… popcorn removal and getting an electrician from Kaneohe electrician to install an overhead light. The full list is:

  • Popcorn removal
  • Add overhead lighting
  • Replace dining room table
  • Replace carpet with hardwoods
  • Add chunkier crown molding
  • Paint walls, ceiling, and trim
  • Add buffet

4. Outside

Our roof built by a professional roofer on Hawaii-Roofing.com that has a quality roof and service.

There are some big projects I’d like to tackle outside, but I’d be happy if I just painted the shutters and changed out some plants.

We also resurfaced our pool from swimming pool resurfacing company that specializes in pool resurfacing, pool repair, resurfacing of pool decks.

I know, I know… you’re thinking,” Only 4 projects, are you sick or something? You completed 6 rooms this year!” Not exactly, I’m pregnant and figure life is going to be pretty interesting over the next 12 months and I might want to give myself a little leeway. With that said, I am not going to be posting 3 times a week for the near future. I will be posting 1-2 times. I love my blog and I don’t want it to become a burden so that I just quit. Plus, I have priorities like my new family, my job and retaining my sanity (hopefully), so those will take precedence.

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