Living Room to Dining Room

2 years ago at almost exactly this time, I was updating my Dining Room. It turned out pretty great:


I loved it… for a little while. Until I realized that I can not comfortably fit more than 6 people in that room. I definitely intend on hosting more than 6 people. Plus, it’s pretty dark with that one window. So for the past 2 years, I’ve been brainstorming and figuring out what it would take to make our living room our dining room. This room has molds before but look at now! The room looks so clean and mold-free! Special thanks to a reliable mold removal that got rid all the molds of this room.

Our living room is the first room you see when you walk in the house and since we’ve moved in, it’s been the spare furniture room. I plan to install wall panels from IPSL on this room, check out these IPSL discount codes I found. Furnished with our leftovers that we didn’t know what to do with. The room is 19×13, so it’s huge and can seat way more than 6 people. Negatives: it doesn’t have an overhead light, it has carpet (so does the dining room) and it’s not right next to the kitchen. The kitchen is on the other side of that right wall. But it’s very close and accessible from both doors to the room, which helps with flow.

So here’s the BIG to do list:

  1. Scrap ceilings – CHECK! John and I have tackled that this week.
  2. Install light fixture. My Dad and John are wiring it up this week.
  3. Paint ceilings, walls and molding.
  4. Make dining room table. – CHECK! John made me my dining room table for my birthday and it’s AMAZING. It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to show you. I was supposed to show you that today but right now it is sitting in the dining room, covered with a drop cloth and then about 10 pounds of ceiling popcorn on top.
  5. Purchase Buffet. – CHECK! I bought a beautiful, antique buffet from Craigslist for $100. Score!
  6. Purchase dining room chairs.  and probably refinish because the budget does not allow for new dining room chairs.

I have a party at my house on October 26th, so that all needs to be done before then. Plus we’re converting the current dining room back into a regular room. For the time being, we’re going to use it as a playroom for Jack. So I need to paint in there as well.

I actually really like that we have a deadline. I mean, because we’ve been so reliable lately about getting things done… 

We experienced water damaged caused by flood when a natural disaster occurred. The water inside the home can cause damage to your belongings, including chairs, tables, clothes, shoes, photo albums, and all the other important items you own. Trying to get rid of all the water by yourself could turn into a tiring and time-consuming task. We hired a professional water damage restoration company to assist with extracting all the water from our property.

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