Dining Room, Play Room and Entry, oh my!

Remember how we were working on the dining room? This is the last picture you saw:



Yeah, that’s pretty much where we are now. The hubs is all excited because I won a gift card through work that is going to pay for a miter saw that he’s been dreaming about wanting for a couple of years. Yes, you’re right. That was generous of me to use my gift card toward his saw. Full disclosure: he’ll be using it for the projects that I want done and he may have used his gift cards to buy me a the wood for my beautiful dining room table.

But we just got the saw a couple of days ago, so we still don’t have wainscoting or chair rail up. We moved the furniture back and picked up the drop cloth, but pretty much, that’s where we’ve stopped in there.

We have a one-project-at-a-time rule that we stick to religiously, except that rules are made to be broken right? So in the meantime, we painted Jack’s new play room.


Overall, this was a very quick project. We painted the ceiling and walls and changed out the chandelier for a boob light that we took down out of the entry way. Now we just need to litter the floor with toys and it’ll really look the part.

After we finished the play room (we still didn’t have the saw yet), we thought, if we’re going to break our rule, then we should go all out. We wanted to paint the entry/stairway/upstairs hall the same color as the playroom and while we had the paint open, it just made sense. Right? Right. So this happened:


If you’re thinking, “That looks like a lot more than paint, you’d be right. In fact, there’s no paint there. That is bare walls after pulling 30 years of wallpaper. It was NOT in the plans. We were definitely going to be lazy and paint over the existing paint. So, I am downstairs painting the ceiling and John goes to fix “one little thing” on the walls. Next thing I know, I HUGE sheet of paper falls down the stairs. He says, “I mean it practically fell off.” (it didn’t) “So we shouldn’t just pull it all down. It’ll be easy” (it wasn’t).

So now we have 3 rooms in a partially finished state and a party in 3 weeks!

Hope you all have a good weekend! We’re headed to a pumpkin patch in the morning. Can’t wait to get some cute pictures of this sweet 8-month-old:


I’m starting a new series on Monday and I think it’ll be fun! I’m going to try to stretch myself to 2 posts a week

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