Pinterest Monday: Week 1

I know, whatever could my new series be about? I really should come up with some super clever series name, but we all know I’m a lazy blogger, so I’m not going to worry about it. Feel free to throw some out there

So, each Monday (or most Mondays ), I’m going to pick my three favorite pins of the week and my 1 least favorite pin. I was always told to say 3 nice things to every 1 not-so-nice thing. I’ve always wondered… why say that 1 not-so-nice thing? Can’t we just say 3 nice things? Anyway, my least favorite pin is probably going to be something that doesn’t work as advertised.

Favorite Pins of the Week:
Via: The Rainbow Room Handmade by Clara Luna

Wouldn’t this be the cutest favor at a birthday party? They are melted crayons in silicone letters. My question is how many crayons does it take and how long do they take to dry? Because you’re going to need to use each mold more than once, ya know.

Via: Pepper Deisgn Blog

This could be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve always thought about how long it must take to get those logs in the fireplace just perfectly, but this would save time each year. So smart!
Via; Buzz Feed
This is right up there on my “why didn’t I think of that?” list. She planted plastic plants and it makes for super simple switcheroos on her seasonal plants! In the fall, she can pop in her Mums, Pansies for the winter and flowers for the spring/summer. Amazing! Oh and you should click on the source link, that article was fascinating! It had a bunch of interesting tips like this.
Least favorite pin of the week:
Via: Wedding Gawker
I know, it looks adorable to turn the envelope on it’s side to address it. BUT my cousin just did this for her son’s birthday party. Addressed all the invitations, took them to the post office and learned that they treat this as an “oversize letter” and postage is $0.90 minimum! Not cool.
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