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Crafts of Christmas Past

By Teresa Sutton /

I know… where have I been? I don’t know… time is getting away from me. Christmas is busy around our family and at work and I just haven’t had time to craft, blog, take pictures, etc. My goal for the month is not to stress myself out with that stuff. I just want to enjoy […]


Our Christmas Tour

By Teresa Sutton /

I can’t believe how late I’m posting this! I’ve head our Christmas decorations up since the end of November, but I haven’t had time to post about them. I know by now you are all a little over seeing everyone’s Christmas decorations, but you’re getting it anyway. So get ready for a photo-filled post. Family […]


Holiday Decorating (for real)

By Teresa Sutton /

So I was completely side tracked with my post yesterday. I realized last night that although my title was “Holiday Decorating,” the post had nothing to do with that. I have a tendency to think I’m going to write about one thing, but then my post goes in a completely different direction. But normally I […]


Silver Pinecone Wreath

By Teresa Sutton /

I finally have something new to show you! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve done a fun project, which is crazy. The whole name change thing took up most of that time and then I might have become obsessed with the Hunger Games series and spent about 5 days doing nothing but reading. While my […]


Homemade Gift for My Husband

By Teresa Sutton /

I spotted this super cute little wall art/sign at an antique store in Asheville over the summer. I knew I wanted to try to make one for my husband, because I’m not paying $55 for it! TUTORIAL 12” x 24” Art Canvas (40% off at Hobby Lobby: $7.99) 2 packs of Scrap booking Sticker Letters […]