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Coffee Table Makeover

By Teresa Sutton /

Whew! We had a crazy busy weekend. I need another weekend to recuperate. If we could just turn back the clock to Friday, that would be great OR move up the clock to next Friday, either way works great for me. I’m TOTALLY flexible. Remember this beauty that I bought from the Habitat ReStore? Here’s […]


Coffee Table Tray

By Teresa Sutton /

So I had a rough night… we had a lawn company come by and give us a quote for Aerating the lawn. Apparently, they left the back gate open and my dog got out. I didn’t realize she was gone until about 25 minutes later. I thought she was gone for sure… thankfully, she was […]


Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

By Teresa Sutton /

I am now the proud owner of wall art made entirely of toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. Total cost : 3.50 (for spray paint). I went all out on this one. Sometimes you just have to be willing to splurge on the important things. Seriously, this project is the epitome of upcycling. These […]


Silver Pinecone Wreath

By Teresa Sutton /

I finally have something new to show you! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve done a fun project, which is crazy. The whole name change thing took up most of that time and then I might have become obsessed with the Hunger Games series and spent about 5 days doing nothing but reading. While my […]


Homemade Gift for My Husband

By Teresa Sutton /

I spotted this super cute little wall art/sign at an antique store in Asheville over the summer. I knew I wanted to try to make one for my husband, because I’m not paying $55 for it! TUTORIAL 12” x 24” Art Canvas (40% off at Hobby Lobby: $7.99) 2 packs of Scrap booking Sticker Letters […]


Easy Burlap Wreath

By Teresa Sutton /

HAPPY FRIDAY! So I’ve been seriously drooling over some of the cool burlap wreaths all over the blogs for about 6 months. Seriously, I think I have about 6 different ones pinned to my boards. I’ve really been wanting to make one, but a lot of them involve a lot of cutting. I wasn’t sure […]


How to Make a Jewelry Frame

By Teresa Sutton /

Last week, I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, Bower Power, and I saw the information about their Pinterest Challenge! The purpose is to get us to stop just pinning everything and actually make something that we’ve pinned. It’s being hosted by four fabulous bloggers: Bower Power, Young House Love, Ana-White and House of […]


How to Make a Valance {Upholstered Valance Tutorial}

By Teresa Sutton /

So the Valance has officially been hanging without issue for 3 days, so I’m gonna go ahead and give you the tutorial and if it falls again, then I’ll just have to revise it. But our latest solution seems to be working well, so I feel 100% 75% confident. What’s a DIY project without a […]


Ceiling Tile Mirrors

By Teresa Sutton /

I’m so excited about the craft that I get to show you today! I almost wrote this blog last night but we had someone coming to look at the washer/dryer that we posted on CraigsList. He bought them! So excited to get rid of them and have an extra $200 for more decorating in the […]