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Guest Post on Living Savvy

By Mars / January 17, 2017

I’m over at Living Savvy today and I’m talking about inexpensive ways to decorate for fall! Be sure to check it out.


Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

By Mars / January 17, 2017

Jack was 7 months old yesterday. Crazy! Even crazier is that I’m just now posting his nursery reveal. You know what’s harder than blogging as a new Mom… blogging about a nursery reveal as a new Mom. Here’s the rub: when I have time to take pictures of the nursery was when Jack is taking […]


So… I’m back? Maybe…

By Mars / January 17, 2017

I can honestly tell you that I didn’t think I would ever write another blog post… and I was fine with it. For 5 of the past 6 months, I didn’t miss it. I was burnt out. But many times, I’ve found myself wondering if y’all were still out there. I wondered what y’all were […]


Best. Reveal. Ever.

By Mars / January 17, 2017

Sorry for the long vacation. We had a pretty major change of plans and our little bundle of joy made his (yes, I was right all along and we had a perfect little boy) appearance 3 weeks early. So I’ve been very happily distracted from anything non-baby related this week with this adorable little face: […]


2013 Home Goals

By Mars / January 17, 2017

So remember how I’ve been promising preggo pictures? Remember how I was going to take bi-weekly pictures of the entire pregnancy? Remember how I haven’t taken a picture of myself since week 17? Yeah, I remember that too. It was a nice goal. It didn’t happen. These goals are not like that goal in that […]


Review: Mr. Beams LED Light

By Mars / January 17, 2017

OK, I know. I feel off the face of the earth again and I’m probably going to do it again in the next few weeks. However, I wanted to get this post in before I disappear into babyhood. In November, I was contacted to review Mr. Beams LED Wireless Motion Sensing Lights. Long name for […]


2012 Resolution Check

By Mars / January 17, 2017

So in 2012, I set three types of goals for myself: Blog, Personal and Home. So I’m going to do the same thing for 2013. But first, let’s check in on the 2012 goals and see how I measured up. BLOG Resolutions for 2012: Hit 350 followers by my 1 year blogiversary in April. – […]


Favorite Projects of 2012

By Mars / January 17, 2017

Sorry for the long hiatus. My attention hasn’t really been on blogging or projects lately and I hate posting “filler,” if you know what I mean. Can you believe it’s the end of 2012? I feel like I was just writing this post for 2011 (check it out HERE if you’re interested). #10 – Upholstered […]


Dining Room Progress

By Mars / January 17, 2017

I’m in the middle of about 16 dining room projects right now: PROJECT LIST: Paint walls – STARTS TONIGHT! Paint trim Paint ceiling Install wainscoting – half way Update chandelier Remove popcorn Paint ceiling – half way Purchase 2x upholstered chairs for table ends It’s called Cinnamon Spice. It’s actually a pretty great compromise since […]


Tag! You’re It!

By Mars / January 17, 2017

Suzy at Saved by Suzy tagged me in this little game going around the blogosphere and I’ve decided it’ll be fun to play along. Each person answers a series of 11 questions from the blogger that tagged them, then they tag 11 more bloggers and ask them more questions. Just a fun way to get […]

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