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An Honest Review Of The Beyond Diet Program

By Teresa Sutton /

An Honest Review Of The Beyond Diet Program Losing body fat is not an easy proposition; just ask anyone trying to lose those last ten pounds. It often seems as if the more persistent a person is, the harder this stubborn (especially belly) fat is to lose. Whether your goal is to get into top […]


Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

By Teresa Sutton /

Jack was 7 months old yesterday. Crazy! Even crazier is that I’m just now posting his nursery reveal. You know what’s harder than blogging as a new Mom… blogging about a nursery reveal as a new Mom. Here’s the rub: when I have time to take pictures of the nursery was when Jack is taking […]


So… I’m back? Maybe…

By Teresa Sutton /

I can honestly tell you that I didn’t think I would ever write another blog post… and I was fine with it. For 5 of the past 6 months, I didn’t miss it. I was burnt out. But many times, I’ve found myself wondering if y’all were still out there. I wondered what y’all were […]


Best. Reveal. Ever.

By Teresa Sutton /

Sorry for the long vacation. We had a pretty major change of plans and our little bundle of joy made his (yes, I was right all along and we had a perfect little boy) appearance 3 weeks early. So I’ve been very happily distracted from anything non-baby related this week with this adorable little face: […]


2013 Home Goals

By Teresa Sutton /

So remember how I’ve been promising preggo pictures? Remember how I was going to take bi-weekly pictures of the entire pregnancy? Remember how I haven’t taken a picture of myself since week 17? Yeah, I remember that too. It was a nice goal. It didn’t happen. These goals are not like that goal in that […]


Review: Mr. Beams LED Light

By Teresa Sutton /

OK, I know. I feel off the face of the earth again and I’m probably going to do it again in the next few weeks. However, I wanted to get this post in before I disappear into babyhood. In November, I was contacted to review Mr. Beams LED Wireless Motion Sensing Lights. Long name for […]


2012 Resolution Check

By Teresa Sutton /

So in 2012, I set three types of goals for myself: Blog, Personal and Home. So I’m going to do the same thing for 2013. But first, let’s check in on the 2012 goals and see how I measured up. BLOG Resolutions for 2012: Hit 350 followers by my 1 year blogiversary in April. – […]


Favorite Projects of 2012

By Teresa Sutton /

Sorry for the long hiatus. My attention hasn’t really been on blogging or projects lately and I hate posting “filler,” if you know what I mean. Can you believe it’s the end of 2012? I feel like I was just writing this post for 2011 (check it out HERE if you’re interested). #10 – Upholstered […]


Dining Room Progress

By Teresa Sutton /

I’m in the middle of about 16 dining room projects right now: PROJECT LIST: Paint walls – STARTS TONIGHT! Paint trim Paint ceiling Install wainscoting – half way Update chandelier Remove popcorn Paint ceiling – half way Purchase 2x upholstered chairs for table ends It’s called Cinnamon Spice. It’s actually a pretty great compromise since […]

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