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Tag! You’re It!

By Teresa Sutton /

Suzy at Saved by Suzy tagged me in this little game going around the blogosphere and I’ve decided it’ll be fun to play along. Each person answers a series of 11 questions from the blogger that tagged them, then they tag 11 more bloggers and ask them more questions. Just a fun way to get […]


You’re Invited to a Baby Shower!

By Teresa Sutton /

I hope you’ll be able to make it… it’s TODAY!!! A few blogs are getting together to throw a virtual baby shower for our sweet friend, Kelly from View Along the Way. The party is being hosted by Erin of His and Hers. Kelly is one of the sweetest, funniest, most creative people that I’ve […]


Giveaway: Thumbprint Designs Custom Artwork

By Teresa Sutton /

First: thank you all for your sweet notes on my Master Bathroom Reveal yesterday. Second: I officially can’t avoid it any longer… today is my 30th birthday. Let’s dissect this for a minute: I have dreaded this day for at least 2 years. To me, it signifies the true end of my youth. As of yesterday, […]


Review: Dutch Boy Refresh Paint

By Teresa Sutton /

I was given two gallons of paint by Dutch Boy to review their new Dutch Boy Refresh Paint. I knew immediately that I wanted to do the bathroom. Unfortunately, I was not immediately able to actually paint the space though… in fact, it too me over two months to get around to it. Let’s just […]


Review: Frog Tape versus Scotch Blue

By Teresa Sutton /

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. This is in no way a sponsored post for either Frog Tape or Scotch Blue. When I was putting the stripes up in the bathroom, I used A LOT of tape. If you’re interested in the actual tutorial, this is a good place to start: How […]



By Teresa Sutton /

Today I am thankful for so many gifts that the Lord has bestowed upon me. I am humbled by the incredibly blessed life that I lead. Here are just a few of those things: 1. The gift of salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross 2. My sweet husband. John, who is […]


Don’t Ever Paint Your Cabinets

By Teresa Sutton /

Let’s start with a little advice. If you get it into your head, like I did, that you want to paint your cabinets, here are a few tips: Don’t do it. See #1 Seriously, I’m not playing around… if there is any other option that is left unexplored, then explore it before you paint your […]

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