Ceiling Tile Mirrors

I’m so excited about the craft that I get to show you today! I almost wrote this blog last night but we had someone coming to look at the washer/dryer that we posted on CraigsList. He bought them! So excited to get rid of them and have an extra $200 for more decorating in the bank.

I was completely stumped by what to put on this HUGE wall behind my sectional. Everything that I looked at was dwarfed by the size of this wall.

It definitely needed something. Well, remember this awesome piece of ceiling tile that I purchased at the Tobacco Barn on my shopping trip? It was regularly $120 but it was on sale for $40. It came out of an old warehouse that burned down and it was still covered in soot.

I originally considered hanging it as is, but it just looked a little frumpy up there, but it was almost the right size. Plus, I still really wanted some kind of mirror to go up there to reflect back the light from the windows. So, I had my sweet husband cut them into two squares and cut the centers out.

Here’s what they looked like after:


Plus, I just so happened to have some extra mirrors sitting around. They came out of the guest bathroom when the previous owners updated it. They were simple builders grade mirrors. I took them to the glass cutters and for $10 had two 18×18 mirrors. Perfect!

We hung them on the wall with a mirror hanging kit that we picked up from Home Depot for $5.

After we hung the mirrors, we hung the frames around them with simple nails.


That’s it! Two custom mirrors that measure 24×24 each for $55 total.


I love the way the metal has different shades to it from age. The bronze part really picks up the color from the sofa.


 Now, I have these two extra pieces of tile that came out of the center.

I thought about hanging them on either side of the mirrors, but it looked a little TOO symmetrical, ya know? I’ve also thought about hanging them somewhere else in the room as simple wall art. What do you think?

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