Krylon vs. Rustoleum: Spray Paint Comparison

It’s official. After spray painting my curtains (tutorial coming Friday!), I will spray paint ANYTHING. My Mom has joked that if it doesn’t move, then I’ll paint it. I just proved her right.

Let’s review. The first time I ever spray painted anything was last summer after we bought the new house. Since then some of my more interesting projects involving spray paint have been:

  • 2 Chairs:

Spray Paint Comparison
Spray Paint Comparison

  • A bed:
  • Toilet Paper Roll Art:

Toilet Paper Roll Art

  • A Chandelier:

Spray Paint Comparison

  • Lamps
  • Wreaths:
  • Closet Doors:

Spray Paint Comparison

  • Curtains:

Spray Paint Comparison
Yeah… so at this point, I’m honestly surprised that there hasn’t been an intervention.

Not gonna happen.
But I have learned something in all this spray painting madness. Some people are Team Rustoleum and some people are Team Krylon. I haven’t met very many in the Valspar camp, but there are some benefits there as well.

I’m somewhere in between and have a tendency to choose based on the project. I prefer each brand for different projects.

Spray Paint Comparison
Rustoleum PROS:
  • Very even spray through the end of the bottle
  • I think one bottle covers more than other brands.
  • The metallics line can’t be beat. This stuff sprays even and looks very real
    Spray Paint Comparison

Rustoleum CONS:

  • I’ve noticed that some of their colors aren’t true from can to can. I’ve used “Antique White” on about 4 different projects and they all look slightly different to me. Some seem to be whiter and some seem to be more yellow/cream colored.
  • Price very high for the metallics line but more reasonable for the regular lines

Krylon pros:

  • Price per can is about $3.67 at Walmart.
  • BEST THING EVER: EZ Touch 360 sprays. The nozzle is adjustable to spray whatever direction you want. It’s more accurate and wastes less paint
Spray Paint Comparison
Spray Paint Comparison
Any Angle
Spray Paint Comparison
  • Paint & Primer spray is great and much less expensive than Rustoleum
  • It specifically mentions that it’s safe for fabric. Krylon is the only one that makes this claim.
  • Huge variety of craft line paints, including glitter, mirrored finish, textures and finishes.

Krylon CONS:

  • Spray gets very erratic towards the end of the can. I have to constantly shake it to get it to spray.
  • Paint seems slightly more liquid than Rustoleum, which leads to more drips.

Valspar PROS:
DISCLAIMER: I don’t know much about Valspar spray paints. They are relatively new and I have only used it a couple of times.

  • Matches some of their Latex paint, so that you can coordinate. You’ll see a
  • little sign indicating that the color is available in the spray paints as well.
  • Quick dry formula. Second coats can be applied in 20 minutes.
  • Can designed to be easier to spray.

valspar CONS:

  • Smaller color selection

So there you have it. Do you have a favorite brand of spray paint?

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