You’re Invited to a Baby Shower!

I hope you’ll be able to make it… it’s TODAY!!!

A few blogs are getting together to throw a virtual baby shower for our sweet friend, Kelly from View Along the Way. The party is being hosted by Erin of His and Hers.

Kelly is one of the sweetest, funniest, most creative people that I’ve met since I started blogging. She’s a constant encouragement to me. Plus, she really takes it a step further and actually offered for me to stay at her house during the Haven conference in June. No, I’ve never met her in person. Yes, she invited a complete stranger to stay at her house.

That is, if you consider a complete stranger someone who I consider a good friend who I email with twice a day… so not really a stranger at all. Isn’t this blogging thing strange?

I am providing the baby shower games for the party today. Now, I’ve been to my share of baby showers and there are some strange games out there.

Example A) The Bottle Drinking Game
This is where grown women try to suck some liquid out of a baby bottle. I would appreciate it if we just took that one out of the rotation.

Example B) Guess the Size of the Belly with Ribbon
This is the one where guests guess the diameter of the Mom-to-Be’s belly then cut pieces of ribbon to that size.

Why is it that we think the Guest of Honor would enjoy this game? In the future, if you play this game… PLEASE do the Mom-to-Be a favor and make your guess and then cut in half. It’ll make her not feel like she looks like this:

Yes, I think that’s a real person. Lord, help her.

So we’re going to play some games that Kelly would actually enjoy…

First, I think this is about the sweetest thing. Each guest fills out a little survey for the baby and parents to read.
Printable for for free in: BLUE and PINK or BROWN and ORANGE

Then we’ll see how much everyone knows about Nursery Rhymes.
Nursery Rhyme Quiz
Whoever gets the most right wins. Then of course, we’ll have a gift for the winner, which is a book of Nursery Rhymes.

Feel free to print the above picture or I can send you a word document and the answers. Just leave a comment and include your email address. I’ll be happy to send them to you. Does anyone know how to load a printable version?

Kelly would get one too (even if she didn’t win):
Kelly, we’re so excited for you and can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl!

Now to see the enjoy the rest of the party, be sure to go visit these other blogs who are helping make this shower special for Kelly!

Skye and Erin are hosting.
Jen & Katie decorated.
Ange whipped up our appetizers.
Visit Faith for a pink dessert.
Carrie’s handling the punch.
Cassie and Michelle are bringing handmade gifts.
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