Guest Room Reveal!

Is it a reveal if you’ve already seen it all? There are a few details in the room that you haven’t seen, but mostly, you have a good idea of what’s in there. But we’ll just call it a reveal anyway because I wanna.

I bought the Welcome sign at Hobby Lobby and painted it white. The hanger was already in the room, but behind the door. I thought it would be a good place for guests to hang their wet towels, purses, coats, etc.
Just a reminder, here’s where we started:

Guest Room Before
Definitely not the worst room in the house, but not awesome. There was kids drawings on the walls, popcorn on the ceiling, the dry wall tape was falling off and the walls were a very periwinkle blue.

DSCF3098 after
We toned down the walls with Valspar’s Stormy Cove, removed the popcorn, hung striped curtains, repainted the trim and closets, and replaced the knobs on the closet doors:

These acrylic knobs were $8 ea from Hobby Lobby, but I waited for a 50% off sale, so they were $8 total. I love how they look like vintage glass knobs. We also repair our air conditioner from a professional air conditioning repair company.

I refinished the bed (the lazy girl’s way), made a guest kit, spray painted the lamps and bought some accessories, like the little silver alarm clock:

and the green and white pillow on the bed (both from bedroom solutions and Target):

The bedding I bought right after college from Pottery Barn, I made the yellow and white striped pillow and reused the euro shams the old bedding in my room. The painting is a Mars original (original as in I went to one of those painting parties and everyone made the exact same picture).

I also make sure that the whole room is clean especially the bed.  I contacted Seattle bed bug exterminator to make sure to eliminate bed bugs around the room.

The antique dresser was my Mom’s when she was growing up and then mine when I was growing up. The mirror was a gift from my Emoma and Dede (Mom’s parents) when I was 12 or 13. My little Maille isn’t a permanent fixture in the room.

There are still definitely things to do in this room. I’d like something on the wall to the left of the dresser. It looks empty to me and I’d like to replace the fan at some point. Notice how I conveniently cropped that guy out of every picture. But so you don’t think I’m being real, here it is in all its glory:

So if you remember way back when I started this room, my goal was to up date it for $150. I already had the furniture, the picture, the lamps, alarm clock and the suitcase.

Cost Breakdown:
1 1/2 gallons of Paint: $36
White Grommeted curtains from Target: $60
Green and White pillow from Target: $24
Fabric for Suitcase and Pillow: $30
Door Knobs from Hobby Lobby: $8
7 cans of Spray Paint: $24.50
Total $182.50

I missed the mark, but I was still pretty close. So there you have it the reveal of the room that you’ve already seen. Kinda anticlimactic, but that’s ok. What do you think?

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