Bathroom Tower Update

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had beautiful weather here and on our trip to Ikea Charlotte. We got our countertops and guess what else…

NOTHING! Can you believe that? I’m half super proud and half horrified… what a missed opportunity.

In other news… I finished the final project of the master bathroom this weekend! We have this super cheapo cabinet in our bathroom but it was dark brown and didn’t go with the lighter color scheme in the bathroom, so I updated it:
Bathroom Tower Update
Here’s how it started:

Bathroom Tower Update
So I primed it and spray painted it with Rustoleum’s Heirloom White. I had a hardware backplate leftover from updating my cabinets, so I used it on the door. I really like how it pulls this piece in with the cabinets:

Bathroom Tower UpdateBathroom Tower Update

Then I used some leftover fabric from my DIY Upholstered Valance, cut it to fit and used Elmer’s Craft Spray Adhesive to add it to the back of the open shelves in the cabinet:

Bathroom Tower Update

Don’t you love quick projects? I think this took me 3 hours beginning to end (including drying type for the spray paint).

Bathroom Tower Update

I think it looks much better in the space and not quite as I-bought-this-off-the-shelf-at-Walmart. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Wally-world. I certainly do my fair share of shopping there). Plus, since I only used stuff I had on hand, this was a $0 project!
Since this was the final project in this room, the Master Bathroom is officially complete. Look for a reveal later this week (when I clean up a little and get around to taking pictures).


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