Review: Dutch Boy Refresh Paint

I was given two gallons of paint by Dutch Boy to review their new Dutch Boy Refresh Paint. I knew immediately that I wanted to do the bathroom. Unfortunately, I was not immediately able to actually paint the space though… in fact, it too me over two months to get around to it. Let’s just use the preggo excuse here too… yep, I’m getting a lot of mileage out of that one.

But, I finally did it and I showed you a sneak peak on Monday of the bathroom that went from this:

Dutch Boy Refresh Paint Review

Sorry, this is the best picture that I have that shows the horrible purple and grey diamond motif.
It was so abhorrent to me that I couldn’t bear taking real before pictures.

to this:
Dutch Boy Refresh Paint Review
I’ve been thinking long and hard about this review. It’s hard to review a product when most of the features are not yet noticeable. So I’m just going to run through the Key Features that the paint promises and talk about what I can.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Hide and Durability – The durability will have to be determined. I will try to remember to do an update post in about a year to let you know if it’s actually durable.

As far as the hide, I’m gonna have to call it like I see it on this one. Granted, I was covering dark purple paint with white, so you gotta give them a mulligan, but I did two coats of Zinsser primer before using the “self-priming” Refresh paint and I still had to do two full coats of white refresh paint. I was really hoping to get away with just one. After the first coat of pain, I could still see some purple coming through.

  • Gives mildew-resistant coating – I used it in the bathroom, so this’ll be included in the next update.
  • Zero VOC† / Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified – Yay!!! loved this. There was essentially no odor and I was able to paint this room without using a mask. This isn’t just important for pregnant people, but for people with small children in their home.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Reduces Household odors with Arm & Hammer odor eliminating technology

I’m counting on this one and again, I’ll update you in six months. I used this paint in both the nursery and the “baby’s bathroom” because this is where I’ll be washing out those cloth diapers that I’m planning on using. I think this feature is really cool though. Dutch Boy put Arm & Hammer in the actual paint, so odors in the room are supposed to be absorbed into the walls and trapped there.
So in my opinion, if this one feature of this paint works, then it’s worth using it in every bathroom, kitchen and nursery in the house (which I did use this in the nursery as well). I mean, let’s be real… nurseries have some very interesting odors going on.

So, all in all, it was a paint. The colors were true, which is a big thing for me,it applied easily and it had excellent coverage. For example, with one gallon of the Ultra white I covered:

  • 2 coats on the upper walls
  • 1 coat on the beadboard
  • 1 coat on the trim in bathroom and nursery
  • 2 coat on the window in the bathroom and the nursery
  • 1 coat on the cabinets

I really kept thinking that I was going to run out, so I was impressed when I finished and had a little leftover. But all in all, this is a paint that will need to be tested over time to really tell if it stands up to all of it’s promises.

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