Striped Bathroom Reveal

This room has been complete for two weeks, but I finally cleaned it and took pictures, which is always the step that takes me the longest. I LOVE how this bathroom turned out. It’s EXACTLY what I had pictures in my head from the stripes to the towels to the shower curtain. It’s great for future kiddos that will be the primary users but also works for adults when guests come and use it.

Bathroom Makeover
Let’s just remind you of where this bathroom started… It had really great bones. We didn’t need to change any fixtures and I liked the beadboard on the walls. But… I HATED the paint job…

Bathroom Makeover
So the biggest project in here was covering the purple paint with grey diamonds. More on that process HERE.

Bathroom MakeoverBathroom Makeover
I made the shower curtain and I love it. I found the fabric on and knew that it was the inspiration for this bathroom.

Bathroom MakeoverBathroom MakeoverBathroom Makeover
I found the fun towels and round bathmats at Target. The towels were only $4.99 each! That ended up evening itself out with the monogramming, so it was good that I got a good deal. I love the pop of lime against the blue.

This room just feels so much brighter and happier now.

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