Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

Jack was 7 months old yesterday. Crazy! Even crazier is that I’m just now posting his nursery reveal. You know what’s harder than blogging as a new Mom… blogging about a nursery reveal as a new Mom. Here’s the rub: when I have time to take pictures of the nursery was when Jack is taking a nap… but guess where I can’t go when Jack is taking a nap??? The nursery. So to all you preggo Mommy bloggers (ahem, Erin), take the pictures of your nursery before your sweet one arrives.

Now on to the main event…

Ta da!

Have you ever searched for gender neutral nurseries on Pinterest? No? Well let me tell you, there’s not much there. Beige, beige and more beige. Now I don’t have anything against beige (ok, yes I do), but I didn’t want a tan, cream, white or grey nursery. I wanted color. I wanted sweet baby colors. I did this room backwards. Normally, I start with a fabric and pull the colors from it. This time I started with the colors that I loved and found a fabric to match (the Lord was smiling on me). I wanted the theme to be: soft, calming, vintage-y (yes that’s a word).  I went with pale green walls and a watery blue ceiling. Neither of those colors are exclusively boy or girl. Also, I knew that it would be easy to add pink or darker blue accents after the baby arrived.

I fell in love with the tree wall decal and absolutely drove the girl from Modern Wall Decals on Etsy crazy in customizing it (give her some love). She made it bigger, gave me 2 owls, and added a new branch that she didn’t even sell before. I’m not getting anything for mentioning her, she was just really great. We hired affordable and reputable foundation contractors to repair some cracks in this room.



I don’t know why the owl in the middle looks like the wall is a different color. It’s not. The pale green is the right color.

I love my bumper and crib set. It’s from Pottery Barn. It’s classic and simple and just exactly what I wanted. The mobile is a vintage mobile of the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” that my Mom found on ebay. She also found this sweet little lamp and the little duck that I use to coral things on the changing table:

The lamp was a little prophetic since it’s Jack and Jill. How cool is it that the well is a nightlight?

I love this bookshelf. There’s an awkward space in this room between the door and the closest. This is not a big room and I didn’t want to loose the space. I found these corner shelves at Home Depot (here). Stacked together, they make a perfect bookshelf.

Don’t you love that I don’t have a picture in that frame? See, the blog is not the only thing that I’ve neglected over the past 7 months.

That’s it! I love they way the nursery turned out. It’s peaceful and so babyish. They only get to have a nursery once, so why not make it completely baby specific? Plus this way, I can put the next little one in here and move Jack to a big boy’s room at the right time.

What do you think?

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