Pinterest Monday: Week 4

Happy Monday! We had an awesome weekend. We had a dedication for Jack at our house. It was a wonderful celebration of our family and friends that celebrated the incredible blessing of Jack. I’ll share more with you later this week! I have some pictures to edit. I also really want to FINALLY post about John’s amazing dining room table. So excited to show you.

This weeks favorite pins are centered around a bunch of things I tried this weekend in preparation for the dedication, so it’s mostly cooking stuff.


This actually worked! It was amazed. My cupcakes were evenly baked and perfectly risen. One thing I would add though is that I cooked two trays at once and the ones on the bottom were much prettier than the ones on the top. So next time I would only bake a tray on the bottom and put a cookie sheet on top. My theory is that the sheet on top deflected some of the heat and made the ones prettier on the bottom.



I used this guide this weekend and it worked! I never remember how long you are supposed to cook eggs, so this was very helpful.



So, I made cross cookies for the dedication. This link has a recipe for the cookies and for the icing. The sugar cookie recipe on this link is AWESOME! I will always use it. The cookies were soft, chewy and just the right amount of sweet AND they kept their shape. However, I was not a fan of the icing recipe. It was like glue. I think I pulled a muscle trying to squeeze the piping bag. So I added water… and then some more water and then some more and then I started dumping water in. It was a little crazy. I’m going to have to try a different recipe for the next time.

Though as with all of my least favorite pins, more than likely it’s my fault that it didn’t work and not the fault of the source. Obviously, it works for her because her cookies are beautiful.

I promise I’ll post again this week with either the dedication pictures or the picture of the table. It really depends on if I get the table set for fall and then get to take pictures of it .

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