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Pinterest Monday: Week 4

By Teresa Sutton /

Happy Monday! We had an awesome weekend. We had a dedication for Jack at our house. It was a wonderful celebration of our family and friends that celebrated the incredible blessing of Jack. I’ll share more with you later this week! I have some pictures to edit. I also really want to FINALLY post about […]


Pinterest Mondays: Week 3

By Teresa Sutton /

So my link on Thursday to Living Savvy was definitely not working. Sorry about that. If you want to see my guest post, CLICK HERE! You should also check out her site. She’s got a great series going this month on decorating for fall. There’s been tons of great inspiration! On to Pinterest Monday! Here’s […]


Pinterest Monday: Week 2

By Teresa Sutton /

It’s Monday again! The days go by so fast right now. John and I have been hard at work in the entry/hallway/dining room, but the good news is we’ve made tons of progress. Now we only have to straighten up but all the big projects that we wanted to do before the party are done. […]


Pinterest Monday: Week 1

By Teresa Sutton /

I know, whatever could my new series be about? I really should come up with some super clever series name, but we all know I’m a lazy blogger, so I’m not going to worry about it. Feel free to throw some out there So, each Monday (or most Mondays ), I’m going to pick my […]