Tow truck service

The following story is a true experience that one day could happen to you and therefore you need to pay close attention. The story begins on a dark and rainy night on a country road in the middle of nowhere. A mother with her two small children were traveling home from a family get-together at her parent’s place. Her husband was away on a business trip and was not able to attend and therefore the wife was alone with her two children.

She was approximately one hour away from her home in the suburbs when her vehicle started to act funny. As she drove along her car began to sputter and choke and then eventually die. She tried and tried to get it going but it was pointless. She was 3 hours away from her parents home and therefore she decided to call a tow truck service near her home.

This story could have been a disaster but fortunately, the lady had a tow truck service phone number in her glove compartment. She found the contact information on a business card and called the towing service. She kept the business card of this particular company on hand because they offered a 24/7 towing service. It was already 2 AM in the morning but she was confident that the company would have someone available.

A driver responded to her emergency call in a timely matter and soon she was hooked up and being towed. The driver took the woman and her kids directly to her house and then towed her vehicle to a local garage. The woman and her two children arrived home safe and sound because of a little bit of previous planning and foresight.

The lesson for all of us is to make sure that we have the contact numbers of a reputable towing service close by. Also, only use a towing service that provides service 24/7.

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