Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Color My World: Link Party

Color My World 2This month has flown by! I can’t believe it’s already the final week of the Color My World Challenge. It’s been so much fun and I appreciate it so much that Jessamie from Bird and Branch Redesign and Suzy from Saved by Suzy invited me to join.

Week 1: Décor
The first week, I updated these lamps with a little yellow spray paint and ribbon.

Week 2: Paint
The second week, I took on spray painting basic white curtains with yellow stripes.

Week 3: Fabric
Week 3, I used a yellow ticking stripe to update a vintage suitcase and make a little “Guest Essentials Kit” for my guests.

Week 4: Review
We didn’t have to do a project for this week, but I was inspired by this pillow from my trip to Asheville over the weekend:
I loved the use of the ticking but this was a Ralph Lauren pillow that was $49. No thanks. I had a ton of extra ticking leftover from the suitcase and I wanted to make a long pillow for the guest bed anyway, so here’s my take on it:

Please excuse the terrible picture. I forgot to take it yesterday
so I quickly snapped one on my way out the door this morning.
Fun, right? I’m glad I was able to pull that fabric into the room in another way. I will say this was a beast of a pillow. Trying to line up all those stripes in 4 different areas was not the easiest task. I kinda get why it was $49.

It’s time for you to show us what you’ve been up to! Each of the hosts will be choosing a few of our favorites to feature next Tuesday so be sure to check back to see if you are featured!

Rules for the Link Party:
  1. Must be a project you’ve made and that involves bringing color into your home.
  2. Please visit the hosts:
Carmel - Our 5th House
Kristy - Hyphen Interiors
Shelley - Crazy Wonderful
Suzy - Saved by Suzy
Tiffany - Living Savvy

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  1. Love all the yellow, Maury! Way to be an overachiever and throw one more project in there, jeez. Ha, thanks for being apart of the challenge!

  2. Great job on the pillow. Keeping all of those stripes lined up would have not only been a challenge but would have driven me crazy!! LOL You did a wonderful job on the challenge!

  3. the pillow is lovely--I admire your ability to line up the stripes! I LOVE the yellow striped curtains, especially against the gray walls.

  4. You did such a great job. I love how your curtains turned out. I really have to learn how to make a pillow. Yours looks awesome!

  5. Cute new pillow Maury! Love how you brought happy yellow into your space - you did such a great job with it! That suitcase idea is so stinkin' cute.

  6. Love love how your pillow came out! Great job! I can only imagine how challenging it must have been to line up the stripes! And I love all the ways you've added yellow to your bedroom, it looks awesome! I''m so glad to have met you through this challenge!

  7. The new pillow looks great! Wow, I would never have attempted that, way to go! I had fun doing the challenge with you and so glad we "met." :)

  8. I always love that look with stripes, definitely too intimidated to try DIY-ing it, but it looks fantastic!

  9. the curtains are my absolute favorite thing! LOVE them!


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