Monday, October 28, 2013

Pinterest Monday: Week 4

Happy Monday! We had an awesome weekend. We had a dedication for Jack at our house. It was a wonderful celebration of our family and friends that celebrated the incredible blessing of Jack. I’ll share more with you later this week! I have some pictures to edit. I also really want to FINALLY post about John’s amazing dining room table. So excited to show you.

This weeks favorite pins are centered around a bunch of things I tried this weekend in preparation for the dedication, so it’s mostly cooking stuff.


This actually worked! It was amazed. My cupcakes were evenly baked and perfectly risen. One thing I would add though is that I cooked two trays at once and the ones on the bottom were much prettier than the ones on the top. So next time I would only bake a tray on the bottom and put a cookie sheet on top. My theory is that the sheet on top deflected some of the heat and made the ones prettier on the bottom.



I used this guide this weekend and it worked! I never remember how long you are supposed to cook eggs, so this was very helpful.



So, I made cross cookies for the dedication. This link has a recipe for the cookies and for the icing. The sugar cookie recipe on this link is AWESOME! I will always use it. The cookies were soft, chewy and just the right amount of sweet AND they kept their shape. However, I was not a fan of the icing recipe. It was like glue. I think I pulled a muscle trying to squeeze the piping bag. So I added water… and then some more water and then some more and then I started dumping water in. It was a little crazy. I’m going to have to try a different recipe for the next time.

Though as with all of my least favorite pins, more than likely it’s my fault that it didn’t work and not the fault of the source. Obviously, it works for her because her cookies are beautiful.

I promise I’ll post again this week with either the dedication pictures or the picture of the table. It really depends on if I get the table set for fall and then get to take pictures of it Smile


Monday, October 21, 2013

Pinterest Mondays: Week 3

So my link on Thursday to Living Savvy was definitely not working. Sorry about that. If you want to see my guest post, CLICK HERE! You should also check out her site. She’s got a great series going this month on decorating for fall. There’s been tons of great inspiration!

On to Pinterest Monday! Here’s my favorite three links this week:

Gooey Monster Cookies


How adorable are these cookies? I really hope that I can get Jack into Monster’s Inc. I really want to throw a Monster party at some point. I have a ton of fun pins on my Time To Party! board.

20 Ways to Celebrate your Child’s Birthday

Source: The House of Hendrix

I thought this was the coolest post. There are some great ideas for really making your child feel special and loved on his/her big day! Can you tell I have Jack’s first birthday on my mind? My favorite ideas from this post were to countdown to your child’s birthday, have everyone say something that they love about the birthday girl/boy, and retelling their birth story/stories from babyhood.

Advent/Christmas Bible Verses

I’d love to start this tradition this year! Each night when we do the bible story we’re going to read one of these bible verses during the month of December. Such a simple way to keep the child focused on the meaning of the season.

Pinterest Fail!

Here’s my least favorite of the week:

Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones

Source; Sweetharts Cakes and Bakes

This one has been going around for a while and I tried it once and it did not work. They looked cute, but the cones got really soft and and I didn’t like it at all. Granted, there could be some user error (usually is) but still…


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Guest Post on Living Savvy

I’m over at Living Savvy today and I’m talking about inexpensive ways to decorate for fall! Be sure to check it out.
Living Savvy

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pinterest Monday: Week 2

It’s Monday again! The days go by so fast right now. John and I have been hard at work in the entry/hallway/dining room, but the good news is we’ve made tons of progress. Now we only have to straighten up but all the big projects that we wanted to do before the party are done. I’ll have an update on both rooms later this weekend.

Favorite Pins from this Week

Via: Key Ingredient

Pasta and Soup – Two of my favorite things. I definitely want to try this. Soon!

Via: Yellow Bliss Road

I love the look of mixing and matching fonts, but I never get it just right. This link does it all for you! How great is that?

Via: Elegant Wreath Etsy Shop

Love this wreath and a lot of others that are on her shop. But if you don’t want to pay $80 for this wreath, you could easily do it yourself. Get a grapevine wreath and buy some bright orange faux berries. Work your way around and secure the berries using floral wire. Add a white monogram and voila! This is definitely on my To do list so I’ll definitely up a tutorial when I do it. If you beat me to it, let me know and I’ll link to yours!

Finally, I didn’t have a bad pin this week, so… here’s a bonus for you. ONLINE THRIFTING!!! Amazing.

Via: Thred Up


Monday, October 07, 2013

Pinterest Monday: Week 1

I know, whatever could my new series be about? I really should come up with some super clever series name, but we all know I’m a lazy blogger, so I’m not going to worry about it. Feel free to throw some out there Smile
So, each Monday (or most Mondays Smile), I’m going to pick my three favorite pins of the week and my 1 least favorite pin. I was always told to say 3 nice things to every 1 not-so-nice thing. I’ve always wondered… why say that 1 not-so-nice thing? Can’t we just say 3 nice things? Anyway, my least favorite pin is probably going to be something that doesn’t work as advertised.

Favorite Pins of the Week:

Wouldn’t this be the cutest favor at a birthday party? They are melted crayons in silicone letters. My question is how many crayons does it take and how long do they take to dry? Because you’re going to need to use each mold more than once, ya know.

This could be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve always thought about how long it must take to get those logs in the fireplace just perfectly, but this would save time each year. So smart!

Via; Buzz Feed
This is right up there on my “why didn’t I think of that?” list. She planted plastic plants and it makes for super simple switcheroos on her seasonal plants! In the fall, she can pop in her Mums, Pansies for the winter and flowers for the spring/summer. Amazing! Oh and you should click on the source link, that article was fascinating! It had a bunch of interesting tips like this.

Least favorite pin of the week:
I know, it looks adorable to turn the envelope on it’s side to address it. BUT my cousin just did this for her son’s birthday party. Addressed all the invitations, took them to the post office and learned that they treat this as an “oversize letter” and postage is $0.90 minimum! Not cool.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest! and let me know if you have any fun names for the series!